It all began in September, 2012 with a few like-minded people getting together to give shape to their dreams of making a difference to people around them. We decided to focus our attention on special children who have completed 18 years of age and hence have moved beyond the portals of the schools which had supported their education till then. Inspired by the work being done by AMBA CEEIC in introducing these young adults with special needs to the world of computerised data entry, we decided to adopt this as our first project – Project Deeksha. Project Deeksha was inaugurated on 19th June 2013 at the Seva – In – Action (SIA) premises thanks to their offer to allow us to operate in their premises in Koramangala. With a group of 13 students in its first year, Amogh’s Project Deeksha made a fine beginning.

As the highly enthused students showed promise of becoming adept at using the computer and doing data entry with some amount of supervision, we started to think of how we could offer some meaningful engagement to those who were able to apply their acquired skill. This led to the birth of the second project of Amogh – Pragati work- centre, in June 2014.

The unfulfilled desire, of getting a formal educational qualification, for many of the existing Project Deeksha students led to the starting of Project Shiksha in July 2014.