‘Pragati' in both Sanskrit and Hindi means ‘Progress’

Pragati is the work centre at Amogh. The objective of this work centre is to help the trainees make further progress with their computer skills. After completing their basic computer Data Entry training at Project Deeksha, the students who have attained sufficient proficiency are inducted into ‘Pragati’. They work as a group and deliver outsourced work on Computer Data Entry, Documentation and Bulk Scanning.

At present the students are working on proof reading of Books content in accessible format for creating  readable books for Visually impaired and persons with learning disability.

Outsourced work delivered by the Pragati are

  • Transcribing text / tables from hard copy format to soft copy format
  • Scanning and digitizing photo albums
  • Working on Data Entry in basic Excel Format
  • Transcribing information / feedback forms to computerized forms / database
  • Simple Slide making in PPT
  • Proofreading and Epub conversion

At Pragati, we  are looking to take on simple Data Entry projects like digitising handwritten KYC forms, Customer feedback forms and the like from organisations in service sectors like Telecom, Insurance, Banking, Health-care, Education etc.


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