Weaving As a tool for Change

By Jayashree Vaitheeswaran Today is World Disability Day. The theme for this year is: “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fueling an accessible and equitable world.” In this direction, we are highlighting one of the skills we build in our Amogh trainees- Hand Loom Weaving. Amogh works with Adults with Intellectual […]

Inclusivity for People with Special Needs – A Helpful Guide

Rohith (23), was travelling in the bus along with his mother Ms. Prema. Rohith, a neurodivergent adult, gets spurts of hyperactive energy. While in the bus, he started breathing noisily, exhaling loud puffs of air through his mouth. A lady in the bus, bothered by this behaviour, was quick to rudely call him “paagal” (crazy).  […]

Life Lessons that Special Needs People Will Teach You

Did you know that 1 in 3 people get affected by a neurological disease or condition at some point in their lives? Disorders of the nervous system are far more common among people than we thought. Many of our beloved celebrities – the people we grew up watching on our screens, the legends we idolised and […]

Amogh’s Guide to Prioritising Mental Health

It’s a normal day at Amogh. Students enter the premises with that same spark of enthusiasm that they carry everyday. Soon, the atmosphere is filled with chirpy “Good morning mam!” & “Good morning sir!”. As the students huddle around the front yard for the morning prayer, there’s a sense of preparedness for the day ahead. […]